Chapter the First – In which our hero finally writes about that King Arthur movie

Avoiding writing my thoughts on last year’s King Arthur movie is much more fun than actually doing it. But I realize there are those out there who really want to know: was that movie really “based on new archaeological evidence?”

I’ll get around to answering that question eventually. But in the meantime, read this webcomic. I discovered the comic, “Arthur, King of Time and Space” by Paul Gadzikowski, thanks to a thread on the Arthurnet mailing list about whether dwarves in Arthurian literature are supposed to be midgets (like Billy Barty) or magical beings (like Billy Barty).

I’ve read about seventy-five installments so far, and by and large I’m impressed–not really by the humor*, but by the depth of Gadzikowski’s Arthurian backstory knowledge. Anyone who casually mentions Bors and Ban of Benwick, Bagdemagus of Dorset, King Claudas, et al. is A-OK in my book.

*Get Fuzzy is really more my thing.

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