Medieval Boozing

According to Jenny Rees of the Western Mail and Nathan Bevan of Wales on Sunday:

THE remains of a medieval castle have been closed after reports of it being used for sex romps and drinking.

The ruins in question: the ruins of Newcastle Castle on Newcastle Hill in Bridgend, Wales.

But apparently sex and booze in medieval castle sites is a trend in the making. Signs banning booze from the grounds of Flint Castle have been hastily posted in response to a completely different group of boozing teenaged medieval architecture enthusiasts. The problem’s so bad there, they’re planning on putting up CCTV cameras.

I wish I could say that I was properly outraged, but all I can think is 1) at least someone is enjoying the castle sites and 2) isn’t it hilarious that the place is in ruins, but some people still insist on calling it Newcastle Castle?

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