It’s not just Hitchens, it’s all of England

Just a brief headline for you: Mum Wins Case Against ‘Medieval’ Law Firm.

What did the law firm do to deserve such a horrible adjective? Rape and pillage? Give someone the plague? Support the antipope in Avignon?

They fired her after she announced she was pregnant… six weeks after she announced she was pregnant. A darn shame, surely, but a medieval shame?

They do call it ‘sacking,’ in Britain, and that’s kind of medieval (and absolutely hilarious the first few times an American hears it)*–though not near as funny as when a Brit hears a random American tourist talking about his fanny pack.

Add this to the cabbage taunting, and it’s clear I was being unfair to Christopher Hitchens when I wrote a post on him (and backdated it so it’d look like I actually update more than once a month). Apparently, it’s not just him; all of Great Britain has an axe to grind with the Middle Ages. But to be fair, the Middle Ages did give them the plague, so I guess what goes around comes around.

*It sure made the opening credits of Monty Python’s Holy Grail funnier when I was 13.

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  • Dr. Virago

    I think all those Anglicans still have issues about the period when they were all papists.

  • Another Damned Medievalist

    Yo! That seems positively Victorian to me!
    *ducks and runs*

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