Today’s Medieval Proverb

Thusfar, my blog has had three main features: 1) making fun of Dan Brown, 2) making fun of anyone who uses the word medieval in a Goggleable news article and 3) procrastinating about reviewing that King Arthur movie.

Let me attempt to branch out by introducing a new feature: the Random Medieval Proverb of the Day. But before I do, let me be extra-clear. There’s no way that someone with my attention span could actually find 365 of these things and manage to put one on the blog every day. So, let’s call it the Random, Occasional Medieval Proverb, which acronymizes nicely to the R.O.M.P.

Today’s ROMP, from Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival (circa 1200):

“Whoever rides astray will find the sledge-hammer.”

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  • Carrie K

    What? That sounds like one of those Ascension riddles that Oma quotes in the Stargate SG-1 series. Find a sledge hammer? Lying in the field? Or getting whacked by one for going out of formation?

  • Laje Kahr

    I'm with you Carrie. I'm totally scratching my head…

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