Tony Blair Feels the Medieval Love

Linguistic erosion on steroids! Judging by his recent statements, Tony Blair has decided that calling something “medieval” isn’t insult enough. Witness this:

“Strip away their [Islamic terrorists’] fake claims of grievance and see them for what they are: terrorists who use 21st century technology to fight a pre-medieval religious war that is utterly alien to the future of mankind.”

I’m willing to come out now and claim this as a victory for Got Medieval. Clearly, the British government is listening to my little snipes and gripes and has chosen an era to malign that lacks bloggy defenders: late antiquity.

Take that, late antiquity! Hahahaha! For too long, you’ve been sitting a little too pretty on your Neoplatonist, Stoicist, Roman mystery cult harboring rear ends.

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  • Christian Johnson

    Before I decend in full wrath from the intermundia, Blair had better find another era to criticize.


  • Another Damned Medievalist

    Early Medievalist/honorary Late Antiquarian steps up to the plate (Franks are LA, Carolingians? Maybe not. LA people let me go to their conferences, though, ‘cos I know stuff):

    Exactly which pre-medieval religious wars would those be, Tone? Early expansion of Islam? Maybe. But not entirely. Read the texts. Land and taxes are equally important.

    “Ooh! Sir! Arians v. Trinitarians?” Er, no. ‘Cos it now looks like they sometimes shared churches.

    “What about the Battle of the Milvian Bridge?” Not so much. In fact, I’ve got my non-medievalist friends so well trained that they ALL noticed that NPR had an incorrect report last week, stating that Constantine made Christianity the official religion of Rome.

    Honestly — I can think of pre-medieval religious mob violence — there’s plenty of that. But wars?

    Not so much.

    Could Our Tony just have been wrong?

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