And Who Will Cater the Battle of Agincourt?

As I continue to insist, there’s nothing more medieval than a good anachronism. And this is a good one:

This comes from Ian Muirhead’s Flikr set of the 940th anniversary of 1066 re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings. Note the Curry stand towards the top left of the photo. If you’re interested in seeing more, here’s a set by Kev Sutton. Also, Ian Muirhead’s sets of the archers (where this one’s from) and cavalry.

Of course, as a serious medieval scholar, I must point out that the battle of Hastings looked nothing like the above picture, but rather looked exactly like this:

So, if the re-enactors had wanted to be authentic, they would have put a giant pelican-bird thing where the curry stand was. If someone can get me the email of the organizers, I’ll bring this omission to their attention.

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  • Voix

    I don’t see any of the naked wrestlers in that photo, either. I’m disappointed. Seriously, the Battle of Hastings always meant naked wrestling, didn’t it? Represent!

  • Sean Maloy Eno

    this blog is hysterical! nice work

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