im in ur base killin ur d00ds

In a previous post, I mentioned the possibility that someone might be in ur base killin ur d00ds. The occasional serious academic who stumbles by this page may not be up on their slightly dated internet slang.* Roughly translated, it’s a taunt you’d use to indicate to your opponent that not only have you bested them, you have thoroughly trounced them without their even noticing. While they were looking elsewhere, you snuck into their base and are currently engaged in the killing of their most vital commodity: dudes.

This picture may be of some help.

*I play far too much of a particular internet game, which is where I heard the phrase.

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  • Tidor

    You might be aware of it, but here’s a boatload of further pictures in a similar vein.

  • LLCoolCarlIII

    Oh wow. I didn’t know. The awesomeness quotient of this blog is up 10 awesons thanks to this link.

  • Bardiac

    I’m thinking the choose your own adventure quest guy needs a bright yellow exclamation mark above his head.

  • Anachronista

    d00d, u r my new HEROOO!

  • LLCoolCarlIII

    Don’t try to suck up to me now. I saw how you gave this blog a B+ on your blog. You’re dead to me.

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