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Academic medievalists who read this blog have probably already gotten three links to this.* For those not toiling in the groves of academe, here’s what the ivory tower intellectuals are sniggering at, a little movie called “Introducing the Book“: [UPDATE: As always, good stuff disappears from YouTube. The original file is gone, and I’m not going to keep updating this page with the new link. Instead, just do a search at YouTube for “Introducing the Book”]

And for something that the academics probably aren’t reading, see the Awful Guide to Graduate School at My favorite bit is from the section about the GRE:

Along with sending these items, most grad schools require you take a test called the GRE before you can apply. What’s “GRE” stand for? 130 goddamn dollars. Now you have two choices: pay for the GRE and possibly go to grad school, or buy a Nintendo DS Lite, which will last twice as long and may be more rewarding.

If you decide to take the GRE, the first thing to do is to pretend you are a fine, upstanding gentleman from 1837 with spats and a mercury-cured hat. Congratulations! You are now perfectly suited to pass the verbal portions of the GRE.

*And by the time they remember this only occasionally updated blog, they probably won’t be able to use the internet, as their university’s servers will be clogged by people forwarding forwarded forwards of it–so, enjoy unrestricted access, Non-University Got Medievalites, all two of you!

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  • Alexandra P

    … I see no link?

  • LLCoolCarlIII

    You should be able to click the Youtube embed to take you there, but I also added a link to the name of the video. Sorry about that.

  • Peter Konieczny

    I was wondering if you could promote on your blog the site that I am starting – News for Medievalists – – which is part of a bigger online project – ‘News for Medievalists’ provides the full texts of newspaper and magazine articles related to the Middle Ages, ranging from archaeological discoveries to events happening in musuems and galleries, as well as new books and anything else that the mainstream press deems worthy. This blog is going to be updated often, perhaps daily, while the main website will be officially starting in the spring. I am also the editor for De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History,, so if you like that site you will find a lot of similar material on


    Peter Konieczny

  • History Geek

    This is an ex-video.

  • LLCoolCarlIII

    Alas, you’re right. Well, I guess that means I’ll have to update soon so that the top post isn’t some crappy broken link.

  • Jennifer

    I just forwarded this video to the entire Medieval Studies department at NYU. I think it was the first person I ever saw someone with a PhD write ‘rofl.’

  • Gina

    Can you let us in on the joke(s), since the video is down?

  • LLCoolCarlIII

    This video seems to go up and down a lot. Keep trying! But for those of you who can’t wait, here’s the summary:

    A monk walks in and helps another monk use this new techology, “the book.” The older monk prefers scrolls and asks the tech-support monk questions like, “Do I have to turn the pages like this?” and “If I close it, do I lose my text?”

  • highlyeccentric

    oh, that’s fantastic! that tickled my funny bone something fantastic…

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