More YouTubey Goodness: An Animated Bayeux Tapestry

Via Every Time a Synapse Fires:*

Part Monty Python,** part medieval artifact, part homage to Civilization II–and about 1000% more interesting than the sterile, dutiful display of the actual tapestry in that dingy little museum.

I suppose I should do my medievalist due diligence and note that the video does prune the Bayeux narrative a good bit. It leaves out Harold’s weird fishing expedition (or whatever it was) that leaves him stranded and captive, his misadventures with William on the continent, the uncertain oath scene–you know, the bits you’d leave out if you were going to make a Hollywood movie of the story.

*I worry about posting YouTube videos after the fiasco of the “Introducing the Book” link. Here is a direct link to the video in question. If it doesn’t work, then go do a search for “Animated Bayeux Tapestry.” It’s not my job to make sure you can follow this link.
**Which part? The part Gilliam lifted*** directly from medieval art.
***And I mean lifted in a good way. Don’t worry, the Middle Ages wasn’t big on intellectual property restrictions.

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  • Richard

    I actually found that the accompanying audio guide in the “dingy little museum” was quite spiffy. They even had background noise to make it more lively!

  • LLCoolCarlIII

    Really? I remember thinking, “Maybe…” “Yeah but…” and “Hey, what about?” an awful lot while it was playing.

  • Richard

    Well yeah, it’s of course a bit for the masses…but that’s the above one as well 😉

  • Catanea

    A vote for Bayeux: we've been twice, as a family. One Latin-reading parent, one joke-Latin-reading parent, and a (on different occasions) 11-year-old and 13-year-old girl (who speaks, reads and writes English, French, Catalan and Castilian…and LOVES comics and people being decapitated, and the naughty bits (all missing from the Reading "facsimile"). We loved it both times and would again. We rush past all the crap dressed-up mannikins &c., skip the earphones and walk around s l o w l y reading, looking, and looking again. (The lettering is beautiful.) I'd go again in a minute. (And so would daughter now 22.) It's just so bloody far from anywhere else! But I REALLY liked this animation. Thank you. I never guessed it existed, composite music and all. Thank-you.
    Oh, sorry: One criticism about the museum presentation: The embroidery is obviously intended to be shown hung around the OUTSIDE walls of a great hall, not around the exterior of a drum with a passage outside it. Pity.

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