OK, last sexual post for a while, I promise

I just want to nominate the concluding line of a crappy conservative radio personality’s* anti-Hitchens editorial** for some sort of sarcastically named prize, the name of which I will determine later***:

Whether you supported the war in Iraq or not, if you are honest about history, you have to acknowledge that in a very real historical sense the closing of Iraq’s rape rooms began in the opening of the Virgin’s womb.

I am honest about my history, and I either did or did not support the war, so indeed I must acknowledge that President Bush did once sign an executive order relocating troops from the Virgin Mary’s magical parts to Baghdad. I can neither confirm nor deny that resulting friction from all those boots on the ground may or may not have caused ragadiae.

*Readers of my last post will hopefully be wary. Do I mean he’s a crap at being a conservative or crap at being a radio personality? Or something far more insidious?
**Don’t get me wrong. I hate Hitchens, myself, with a deep, fiery, vague sort of occasional passion.
***Given my track record, don’t hold your breath for that name.

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