Update: Mrs. Wriggs and the Cabbage Patch

For anyone interested in turn of the century best sellers, here’s a link to an e-text of Mrs. Wriggs and the Cabbage Patch.

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  • fgizzardbrain

    Wow! It’s even worse than I remember. I’ll bet “The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew” and “Mother’s Carey’s Chickens” were just as bad. They sure seemed better in my rose-colored memory (also, I was about 12 when I read them and not as cynical as I am today).

  • Brendan

    I had two runins with the medieval world this weekend while I was in New York City chasing after Mammon (interviewing with law firms):

    1. Went to the Metropolitan Museum, saw the Medieval Art exhibit (along with the armor and a lot of non-medieval stuff as well)

    2. Saw Bourne Ultimatum, which featured a preview of the Beowulf movie. The entire preview centered on Beowulf’s apparent love/power tryst with Ma Grendel. I don’t recall this dynamic from the epic at all, but then again I “read” Beowulf in 10th grade and I think we skipped a lot of parts.

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