Got a Medieval Domain?

On a whim, I decided to register the domain name* I was pretty amazed to find it was still available. I used, not because it’s a good deal, but because the last time I had to register a domain name it was in the wake of that much touted Super Bowl ad,** so I have an account there.

When you register with GoDaddy, they helpfully suggest other domain names that you might want to snap up at the same time, both names that are currently still available, and names that GoDaddy is squatting on speculatively. The latter they call “Premium Domain Names.”

The script they’ve developed for suggesting available names is apparently synonym-based, so they offered me (and variations like,, and so on).

My favorite suggestions in the list:, closely followed by

As for “Premium Domains,” I learned that is sitting on, and is willing to part with it for a paltry $1,550. costs $1650, which is frankly insulting, because it means that adding the non-female half of the world’s population to your domain only costs you an extra $100. Talk about a bargain. It makes seem gratuitous at $1500.

But more valuable than Kings, People, or even Women, is, which’ll set you back a full $1850.’s market research reveals a huge trend in internet-order flails coming soon, I guess.*** Update your stock portfolio appropriately.


*Don’t go adjusting your links until I’ve set the forwarding up.
**Not the tasteless one with the midget and Danica Patrick, but the more refined 2005 vintage.
***And they said that Web 2.0 was out of ideas!

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