2 Medieval Non-Medieval Links

Medievalists occasionally have non-medieval hobbies and interests. Weird, but true. For example, I find myself adding a disturbing number of webcomics to my Google reader these days. One wonders why newspapers even have a comics section anymore, when things like this can be found for free online:

Wonderella, pictured above, is hardly medieval, but the author’s pop cultural sensibilities overlap substantially with my own. Fortunately, the Grail joke makes this comic eligible for linking here.*

The other new item in my RSS feed reader these days is Photoshop Disasters, a non-medieval site dedicated to, well… disastrous photoshopping. They’ve not yet caught up with Henry VIII’s spooky ghost cat, but they did catch this disaster on the cover of a medieval-themed romance novel:

Most people know Arthur had a wife named Guenevere. Readers of the Old French Vulgate Cycle know that Guenevere had an identical half-sister also named Guenevere, AKA “False Guenevere.” Readers of this romance novel know that one of the two Gueneveres had a parasitic twin, possibly also named Guenevere, AKA “Conjoined Twin Guenevere.”

*If you’re interested in comics in general, check out this blog from some friends of mine: Satisfactory Comics. Not much medievalism, but one of the bloggers is an Arthurian.

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  • Brendan M

    I’m not sure which is funnier, “eyeball herpes” itself, or the fact that Wonderella is quite keen on curing it.

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