Demi Moore Is Crazy (for Medievalism!)

File this under W for “Wow, celebrities are nuts.” In a recent Letterman appearance, Demi Moore revealed she’s “getting medieval” by attaching leeches to her skin–apparently, in order to fight off the effects of aging. And here, I thought she had a Dorian Gray picture buried in the closet behind Ashton’s old trucker hats.

I found out about Demi’s creative anachronism from the description here, at Austrailia’s The Daily. According to their transcript, Moore had this to say on Dave:

I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy.

These aren’t just swamp leeches though – we are talking about highly trained medical leeches. These are not some low level scavengers – we’re talking high level blood suckers.

I have no charitable interpretation of what she means by “high level bloodsuckers.”

UPDATE: I learned recently that O’Reilly scooped me on this one by a week. Here are his thoughts, from his March 25th broadcast:

O’REILLY: On the pinhead front, actress Demi Moore is into health and healing.


O’REILLY: High-class leaches. Well, for taking us back to Medieval times, Ms. Moore is a pinhead. Do not try that at home.

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  • Sean Winslow

    I’m a bit more confused by the fact that the leeches are ‘highly trained.’

  • Jeff

    You should see them jump through those little hoops. It’s the damnedest thing.

  • Clavem Abyssi

    When you’re an actor, everyone seems highly trained.

  • the boogeyman’s wife

    those leeches practically had to give blood to make it through med school and complete their training

  • Flying Lily

    They are trained not to give their opinions about the film careers of actresses, and they are also trained never to use the word “suck” in a casual way.

  • Jody

    These are not some low level scavengers – we’re talking high level blood suckers.”

    Probably all have law degrees and are moonlighting.

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