Google Middle Ages

While I was working on a side project, Google served me this ad:

Take a look at the middle line item. Pretty awesome, eh? One of history’s oldest mysteries solved by Google Ads. Not only is King Arthur real, he lives somewhere in the US, and he’s got a phone.

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  • Brandon H.

    Should we start spreading the word about “The Return of the King” yet, or should we call and ask Arthur about it first?

  • autumngrrl

    Good lord, you rock.

  • Pandora

    Excellent! Not only can we find the Real King Arthur, but he’s still alive!

    Will People Search find Robin Hood, too?

  • Jennifer Lynn Jordan

    Google Holy Grail next! We’ll find it soon.

  • Cecilieaux

    For Robin Hood’s addresses and phone numbers are, indeed, also available. Must be very wealthy (maybe kept some of that ill-gotten gain?) because he seems to live in several states: OK, TX, CA, etc.

    Alas, “Holy Grail” yields the dreaded “No records were found.”

  • MooseGuy

    This is off-topic, but I just wanted to say that this blog totally rocks and is completely and utterly awesome.



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