Seven Words Elsewhere

My (re)quest to find the seven words that describe the Middle Ages* continues to be this blog’s most linked to and commented upon post in a long while, surpassing even fanfiction and chainmail bikinis.** At this point, I guess I should be thanking my students for all the traffic their inability to periodize brought me.

Here are some links to other people’s musings on the subject elseblog:

  • Steven Till has a list.
  • Magistra et Mater has three lists, to cover the sixth, seventh, and tenth centuries that my slacker readership missed.
  • Quid Plura? hid a list inside a Billy Joel joke. Of this I approve.
  • Teaching College English has several lists, including one from her son.
  • Wynken de Worde doesn’t seem to have a list of his own, but has a few thoughts on whether “books” should be on anyone else’s.

I’m sure there are others, and these aren’t counting those from the comments threads of the two relavent posts. All in all, that’s a lot of words in clumps of seven. Thanks, everyone, for playing along.

Also, I saw this over at Per Omnia Saecula. It’s called Wordle, and it’s a nifty widget that makes word cloud graphics. Here’s one made from your lists (click the link to see it in its full glory):

*And yes, I know that I’m cheating and using multi-word concepts.
**Though medieval pr0n continues to–and I suspect will always–reign supreme at bringing random visitors here via Google.

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  • Deirdre

    Hey I love that word cloud thing! What a great poster.

    I have seven words:

    Actually, those two really just sum it all up, don’t they?

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