So Long, Scribe Template

I’m going to be mucking about with the template and other widgety doodads here at Got Medieval for the next couple of days, so don’t worry if you drop by the site and everything is all weird looking. And rest assured, the content of the site won’t be changing. You can still expect the same medieval bloggish goodness, just in a different wrapper–and with 10% fewer calories and a more pleasing odor!

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  • Eaquae Legit

    I was on Oxford for a conference last weekend, and while wandering down High Street, I saw this. No joke. Reynard the Fox chess set. They look more like lions to me, but what do I know?

  • kmeghan

    aww.. I sort of liked the old page. but it’s still cool.

  • Got Medieval

    If there’s a general cry of dismay, I’ll move on to some other template.

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