Stunning Advances in Medieval Cuteness

I was beginning to fear that Japan’s reserves of inscrutable supercuteness might be running low, but it appears my fears were misplaced. Allow me to introduce Gimli, son of Gloin, in amigurumi-form.

Apparently, amigurumi (literally: knitted stuffed toys) is the latest Japanese trend in making cutesy versions of established geek properties to hit our shores. And unlike Beanies, Legos, Mighty Muggs, Kubricks, Minimates, Bobbleheads, Animaquettes, Super Deformed Crap, et al., they’re hand-knitted [or hand-crocheted] and people trade clothes patterns online, so it’s conceivable that you might be able to make one yourself.*

Here’s a link to a flickr gallery chock full of LOTR amigurumi, and here’s a link to the website (from whence I snagged the picture above) where you can purchase little Gimli clothes for fifty bucks.***

*Or, failing that, you could drop strong hints to the knitting crafting readership of your blog that you might like one. You know, if you have a blog, and loyal readers who knit. [Or crochet. I’m not picky.]
**Or Legolas, or Boromir, or… Kif Kroker?

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  • Fencing Bear

    I want one!

  • Chris Laning

    I hate to be the one to break this to you, but….. these are crocheted, not knitted.

    (The two techniques are, in some circles, deadly rivals…. {grin})

  • Amy

    Which one would you like best, I wonder?

  • Got Medieval

    Gimli. Definitely Gimli. Though Gandalf is very nice, too.

  • D

    I thought that was a corn on the cob at first. I’m confused.

  • Florilegium

    Please. That’s Glóin, with an accent.

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