Last Crusade Toys

I had to give up toy collecting cold turkey a few years back,* but these new Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade figures are mighty tempting.

I need tiny Grail Knight for my desk.** It’s practically a research expense, it is.  Now, where’s that departmental reimbursement form?

*P.S. If anyone’s in the market for a bunch of loose POTF2 Star Wars figures, drop me a line.
**Watch out, Tiny Shriner.

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  • Karl Steel

    I need a tiny Grail Knight for my desk

    Oddly enough, I have a tiny grail on my desk in the hopes that it will lure a grail knight. No dice yet: either no knight is pure enough, or my desk is just too dirty.

  • Got Medieval

    Or perhaps there is no knight tiny enough.

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