New Items in the Ye Olde Got Medieval Shoppe

At a reader’s request, I’ve also added coasters to the Cafe Press site. I’ve not had time to order one myself yet, but they look nice. I’ve also started experimenting with photoshop, trying to restore some of the color that has been washed out of some of the scans I’m using, and also to edited out some of the text so that the image is the main focus. Like so:

When I do this, I’ll try to offer an unedited version of the manuscript image as well. That’s the nice thing about CafePress’s digital delivery. I can make as many different versions of the same thing as I want. If there’s anything you want in particular that you don’t see there, drop me a line using the blog’s contact form.

I’m also going to be working on turning some of the Historic Personals into some swag.

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