One More Trebuchet Joke

I’ve always been vaguely aware of this, but interest in my recent post on a potential marginal joke in the Maciejowski Bible made it clear: people dig trebuchets.  A lot.* Something about them just brings out the medievalist’s inner fanboy.

At any rate, while Googling “traction trebuchets” today (thanks, Steve!), I learned that I’d missed a trebuchet image about 20 pages later in the same MS.  I’ve posted it above, because I’m fairly certain the artist meant it to be a callback to the original joke I pointed out on Monday. 

The alert reader who remembers what happened to the first trebuchet sling loader can probably guess how the conversation in the left margin is playing out.  I imagine it’s meant to go a little something like this:

I should note, though, that according to some medieval military experts, the sling puller is supposed to hold on for a little while to add an last minute whip to the lever arm when he lets go.  I think the original sling loader is a bit higher than would be optimal for such a strategy, though, so I say the joke still stands.

*Personally, I’ve been turned off of trebuchets by their extremely long attack animation in Civilization IV.  The computer loves sending a stack of eighty bajillion of them at you, so unless you turn off all animations during medieval wars you’ve got time to go get a drink… or two… at a bar downtown… two towns over.

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  • Gilraen

    Well, Civ 4 will hold you in its icy grip for decades regardless. Trebuchets are like pirates. Not even Orlando Bloom can screw them up. Is it just me, though, or is there Arabic written above the body of the text?

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