The Daily Show Goes There

I know I said that I would keep this blog above the political fray, but last night’s Daily Show offered up an analysis of the McCain campaign’s medieval tactics too good to ignore:

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  • L.C.McCabe

    I thought of you as I was watching the show and thought it would make a perfect blog post.

    Glad to see you covered this for those who don’t make The Daily Show part of their daily ritual.

  • Hilary

    I should have known you’d mention this! The Daily Show is one of my favorites, and this spot had my laughing my head off.

  • Dr. Virago

    Leave it to the Daily Show to get medieval in a way that actually makes sense!

    Although I also thought of kiddie lit and Sesame Street in that litany of names and occupations.

  • Bearded Lady

    Hi Carl,

    Too funny!

    Say, random question and totally off topic…would you happen to have any manuscripts that show medieval kids (anything from 11th-13th century). I am especially struggling with illustrating headgear (everyone is looking like they are wearing sausages.)

    Let me know how you prefer to be sourced too.


  • Got Medieval


    I’d hit the Bodleian Alexander MS first. There’s a group of six children watching a cockfight on fol. 50r, a group watching a puppet show on fol. 54v, and some kids on fol. 65r playing on stilts. For this artist, however, children are distinguished by their not wearing hats, so it may not be what you need.

    I’ll poke around more this weekend when I get some time. If you drop me a line through my ‘Contact’ form at the top of the blog, I’ll send on anything else to the address you provide.

  • Alison Purnell

    No love for the non-US readers? Does anyone have a youtube link I can look at?

  • Got Medieval

    I didn’t realize Hulu was US only. Is the Daily Show’s own website likewise blocked abroad?

  • Alison Purnell

    Yeah. I can watch the current day’s ep, but none of the archives. I console myself with the bbc’s website, but so little of Brit tv is worth it…

  • L.C.McCabe


    I don’t know if you watched Monday night’s show, but they once again dealt with medievalism. This time the subject was “traditional marriage” and how it was conducted during the Middle Ages.

    If you didn’t see it, here’s a link to the full broadcast

    and you can jump to 10:30 to see Jon’s take on the subject as well as accompanying visual aids.

    I think “The Daily Show” must have in their writing staff someone who paid attention to medieval history in college.

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