CafePress Shipping Deadlines

For anyone wanting a medieval marginal monkey to put under the Christmas tree or into one of those socks you put by the fireplace, you’d best step to it if you want it to arrive before the fat man is on the roof.

For US Customers, the deadlines are:
  • December 10th for Economy Shipping
  • December 15th for Standard Shipping
  • December 20th for Premium Shipping
  • December 22nd at noon for 1 Day Shipping
For Canadians and Britishers:
  • December 11th for Standard Shipping
  • December 18th for Express Shipping
For everyone else:
  • December 16th for Express Shipping
If anyone wants a $5 off coupon, you can drop me a line through my Contact form above and include the email address you’ll be ordering from.  I have five available from my last order.
[UPDATE 12/10] Coupons are all gone.

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