Short and Sweet (Mmm… Marginalia #25)

I’ve resolved to try to keep Mmm… Marginalia shorter and sweeter* in the New Year, so here’s a little something from a manuscript I’ve looked at before, the Pierpont Morgan Library’s MS G24 (a mid-14th century French collection of 13th-century verse romances), that requires little explanation:

Just a dog-headed teacher lecturing his class made up of six disembodied fox-heads growing out the back of a gryllus’s head.**

*With 20% more kapowza and only trace amounts of filler.

**You see, it’s funny because I indicated initially that the image was going to be something very easy to understand, even though it clearly is not.  Comedy gold!***
***And that footnote is funny because it acts as though something easy to understand requires a lot of explanation.  Double gold!

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  • Livia Indica

    Carl, you are a sick, twisted man.

    Don’t ever change.

  • Steve Muhlberger

    Dipping into the Xmas cheer a bit early? Mmm…?

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