Welcome, PC Magazine Readers (all seven of you)

A helpful reader clued me in on Got Medieval’s latest accolade, of which I was hitherto unaware.  It seems that Got Medieval was just named one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 blogs.*

See, there it is, right between the Google System blog and I Has a Hotdog.**  As far as I can tell, mine is the only blog on the list written by an academic. So take that, Top 100 Liberal Arts Professor Blogs.  I don’t need you.  I’m in the same league as Failblog and Garfield Minus Garfield.

*They wussed out and went alphabetical for the top 100, naturally.  I imagine it was so that Wil Wheaton wouldn’t feel so bad.  Keep that chin up, former boy genius.  Young you got to make out with young Ashley Judd, so what does it matter that old you’s blog totally got pwnd by mine, anyway?
**Ah, the thrilling majesty of a screenshot of a screenshot.

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  • Mimi


    And, I now spent quite a bit of time reading Wil Wheaton’s blog. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Lynn Jordan

    Congrats! Woohoooo

  • L.C.McCabe

    Congrats Carl!

    They said “Do you have a hankering for mead? Are you wearing chain mail underneath your work clothes? Got Medieval tackles all things Middle Ages with a fitting dose of tongue-in-cheek commentary.”

    Ah, but they forgot to mention MMM Marginalia and drunken monkeys.

    That is what garnered you the prize, of that I am certain.

    Happy New Year and may you find many more drunken monkeys on margins to share with us.

  • Holly

    Congratulations! I just found your blog a week or so ago (I forget how) and have been enjoying it very much. Keep the great work and the monkey poop coming.

  • marinda

    Good for them! I now care about what other 99 blogs they liked. Congrats & happy new year!

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