The cuteness, it burns us, precious (Mmm… Marginalia #32)

Sometimes people* say to me, “Carl, why always the pictures of trumpets coming out of the asses? Why always the penises that land in the treetops and the vaginas that wear hats? Do you never have the pretty pictures for us? One thousand years of history and you have only the pooping and the sex pictures?”

And that’s a fair point. So, here’s a change of pace. No sex, no violence, no goose-molesting foxes. Just a completely harmless picture of a cat and a monkey sharing a bowl of milk.

I’ve actually been meaning to post this one for a while now, but I no longer have any idea where I got it, and I don’t like posting things I can’t cite.** I’ve got a hunch it’s from the same manuscript as the monkey with a cannon that’s been sitting in my blog’s title bar for nearly a year now (Bodleian MS Canon. Liturg. 283), but for whatever reason I can’t seem to find the right leaf again. If that’s not it, and I had to guess, I’d say mid-to-late fifteenth century French, probably a book of hours.

*Full disclosure: the people referred to in this sentence are imaginary. And apparently played by Sacha Baron Cohen.
**But I’m pretty busy this week, and the less I know about it, the less I have to write about it, right?

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  • Hrafnkell

    Your blog is sheer genius. Sorry it took so long to discover it.

  • Got Medieval

    It’s OK. I forgive you. This time.

  • J.G.

    Thanks for the change of pace, especially because a cute cat is involved. 🙂

  • remember me

    Nice blog, and nice try at an innocent picture too.

    Unfortunately, the monkeys expression indicates the milk is full of roofies and that he will be all up in that cat shortly.


  • pilgrimchick

    Medieval manuscript details aren’t really my area of study, but I am amazed at the variety.

  • Nicola Masciandaro

    I can taste it. Spiced milk?

    I think you may enjoy how I cited you on page 16 of a recent lecture on commentary.



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