Veni, Vidi, Wizrobe*

(Via Offworld, Technabob, and every other gaming site out there…):

Someone done went and translated The NES sorta-classic Zelda II: The Adventure of Linkinto Latin. Would my Latin be better now if someone had only done this twenty years ago? Probably not. Will I go snag an emulator and play through to improve my Latin today? Eh… yeah, probably not, either. Am I happy that such a thing exists? Indubitably. It gives me a good reason for reminiscing about how frikkin’ difficult those sword and shield wielding knights (were they supposed to be Darknuts?) got towards the end of the game, something I often do, but without the good reason. The scrooowtching sound of my tiny sword bouncing off their surprisingly mobile shields still haunts my dreams.

Kids today have no idea how ass-kickingly hard video games used to be.**

*It alliterates if you pronounce it like a Latin snob, something I’m usually against, but I couldn’t come up with an iconic V-alliterating Zelda series enemy.
**If you are a kid today and take offense at that, go sit down and play Mega Man 2 and get back to me.***
***Back already? Well, even if you beat it (and stop pretending–you didn’t), know that that’s the easiest of the Mega Mans Mega Men Mega Man games. There’s like seven-hundred others that are six-hundred times as hard. Frankly, I have no clue why we used to put up with crap like that.

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  • hokuton-punch

    Good Lord I want to play that. *goes to hunt up some hax or whatnot*

  • William Starbreaker

    Why didn’t the original Zelda get the translation treatment? The second is brain blastingly difficult and unrewarding.

    p.s. didn’t Mega Man 2 have an ‘easy’ mode?

  • Tawrin

    My personal favorite hardest NES game is Deadly Towers. First the game destroys your faith in the virtual world you enter into when playing it; if you fight this, and continue in your attempts to win the game, it then causes doubt to creep into the material world you regularly inhabit; further efforts at vanquishing the beast will unleash the coup de grace of destroying one’s faith in Reason itself. Quite thorough.

  • Got Medieval

    I think the original did get a translation by the same guy. But there’s barely any text to translate in the original. Though now I’m curious as to whether he made the grammar intentionally bad when translating “Eyes of skull has a secret”.

  • wintermaide


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  • Alison Purnell

    He finished it! I’ve been hearing about this off and on for years now! Adam (the translator) is a very awesome guy, and I only wish my Latin was so good.

    So to answer the question, yes, the bad grammar was intentional. It’s the kind of thing he (and not just he) finds funny.

  • Dale K.

    Since you asked, Carl, the knight-type enemy in Zelda II labrynths is Iron Knuckle. There’s no telling from the 8-bit graphics, but the instruction manual and sequels reveal it as a magically animated, unoccupied suit of armor, unlike a Darknut.

    People checking out the Latinized emulation have 2 options for fighting an Iron Knuckle: either fence like an Olympic medalist or just jump and stab so that the blow sweeps down, starting at the top of its head, preferably while ducking. The latter is probably an unintended/degenerate strategy.

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