Keeping it Classy (Mmm… Marginalia #38)

Yes, yes, the final installment of the month-long blogmasmagoria of images from Pierpont Morgan Library MS G24 is late.* But I saved the best for last. And by best, I mean “most nakedest”. We’ve already seen that this particular illuminator has a thing for public displays of nudity. Remember the guy who played the bagpipes with his backend? And the guy taking care of two calls of nature at once who kicked off the month? Well, meet their friend, naked guy with a tall hat:

OK, I know what you’re thinking: *yawn* Nude guy with a tall hat is urinating into a jug, big deal. Come back when he’s found a second jug and maybe I’ll care. Hell, thanks to your marginalia posts he’s probably going to need three jugs and a previously undiscovered orifice before I perk up…

Perhaps it might interest you to know that naked guy with a tall hat is like the Waldo of MS G24.** He’s everywhere, and everywhere he is his clothes ain’t:

Trying to find the naked guy in the margins of the manuscript is fun for the whole family. Is that him peeking out from behind the foliate border? Or is that him riding on the monkey’s back?*** Why, it’s hours of fun, I tell you.

Now, because I’m far too good to you, I’m going to close out this month’s festivities with one last bonus image. Yes, yes, a naked bonus image:

Is this a naked man locked in mortal combat with a giant rabbit? Or is this a moment of cross-species passion? And most importantly, is that naked guy with a tall hat without his hat? I’m not going to stake my reputation on it, but he does have the same hairstyle and weak chin…

*Turns out that writing a paper on marginalia (less than a week left till K-Zoo!) can distract you from goofing on marginalia on your blog.
**Members of Gen Y may wish to substitute ‘Greased Up Deaf Guy’ for Waldo in the referential joke above. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Happy now?
***Nope, those are just two other naked guys. Waldo hides near stripy wallpaper or in the company of zebras. Naked guy with a tall hat hides around other naked guys.

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  • Wacky Hermit

    [insert obligatory Monty Python killer rabbit reference here]

  • Maeve

    in that middle picture, is naked guy with tall hat in the role of cacus getting the beatdown from hercules?

    also, giant rabbit made me think of this:

  • jeff n.

    No, don’t worry, we still know who Waldo is.

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