Awesome Old [Medieval] Folklore

So that I don’t sound like a broken record,* this is the last plug I’ll put in for the good folks over at Satisfactory Comics for a while.** Isaac whipped up a tee-shirt version of a recent Doodle Penance that you should all go buy right now. Mine is en route as we speak you read.

I am deeply jealous of those with the ability to draw stuff. My drawn stuff looks very unstufflike. Thus, all I can offer is this picture from the Aberdeen Bestiary of the awesome old folklore that inspired the shirt:

According to both Pliny the Elder and Isidore of Seville–medieval Europe’s favorite sources for animal anecdotes–bear cubs are born as eyeless unformed lumps of flesh that have to be licked into shape by the mama bear. For Isidorian naturalists, a beast’s Latin name tells you something important about it, and thus because their mothers have to use their ore (mouths) to make cubs into bears, bears are called orsus AKA ursus AKA bears. Learning is fun, right gang?

Click on the image of the Satisfactory shirt below to be whisked away by the magic of the internets to the place where you may procure this special bounty:

Or, if that link doesn’t work, click here.

*A broken record broken in such a way that it repeatedly plugs a friends’ comics-based blog.
**But–note to my other readers–the Satisfactory boys know well that the way to my heart is free stuff. 1/2 of them spotted me a cool Abecedarium at Kalamazoo! So what are the rest of you waiting on?

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  • Andrew

    Awesome (and gross)! I always love hearing old nature myths like this. Rotting meat transforms into flies, knee-less elk must lean against trees to sleep (or else they’ll never get up from the ground again), etc. I much prefer the cute furry comic cubs to the blob of red meat in the first picture.

  • Mike

    Andrew raises a good point about those blobs of red meat: does Mama Bear lick out the HAIR? Yikes.

  • Got Medieval

    And the eyes, too, apparently. Or maybe, like a sculptor, she just licks away the flesh to reveal the bear shape underneath, hair and eyeballs and all.

  • Magic Stunts

    Nice story about the bear….
    I'm looking for more mediaeval tales and stories – we're doing a fayre here in South Africa and i need a story to tell in the form of a stunt show. Any ideas?

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