Kalamazoo by the Numbers

  • # of papers attended: 15 1/2
  • # of papers delivered: 1
  • # of marginal illuminations used during the paper: 41
  • # of those which were pooping, peeing, or otherwise engaged in nastiness: 4 (less than 10%!)
  • # of images of Super Mario used during the paper: 2
  • # of people who came up to me after my paper to say they like my blog: 6
  • # of people who came up to me after my paper to say, ‘Hey, you’re from the Internet!’: 1
  • # of people who told me that my they will not read my blog with their children in the room: 1
  • # of medieval bloggers I met at the medieval blogger meetup: 8
  • # of medieval bloggers I should have introduced myself to but was too lazy and/or socially maladjusted to: 17
  • # of different ways my name was spelled by people affiliated with K-Zoo in some official capacity: 5
  • # of times Scott Nokes mispronounced my name while introducing me to people at the blogger meetup: 3
  • # of people who recognized me as the Got Medieval GuyTM (excluding paper and meetup): 9
  • threadcount of the sheets provided for conference participants who lodged in the dorms: 7
  • # of centimeters I held my laptop out the dorm window in order to snag a wireless signal: 10
  • # of times I arranged to grab coffee with a conference participant: 5
  • # of those coffee meetings that took place on Friday: 5
  • % of my blood, by volume, that had been replaced by caffeine as of Friday at 5:00: 22 1/9
  • # of times I found myself telling people how boring John Lydgate is: 8
  • # of times I found myself telling people how awesome Doodle Penance is: 4
  • # of discussions of Malory’s narrative technique I had with conference participants: 1
  • # of times I was chided by tenured faculty for not having read Harry Potter volumes 5-7: 2
  • # of arguments I had with conference participants over which Disney Princess would win in a catfight: 3
  • # of people who tried to cheap out and go with Mulan: 2
  • # of people I spotted wearing drunken monkey shirts from my CafePress store: 1
  • # of $ made by my CafePress store during Kalamazoo: $0.00

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  • Prof. de Breeze

    Glad to have been one of the numbers. Actually, two, since I’m pretty sure I was one of the people to whom Nokes mispronounced your name.

    And the answer, by the way, is Jasmine. Also holds the distinction of being the hottest princess. She’s got the whole package, in other words.

  • Chris

    I both mispronounced your name and pointed you out to people as the “GotMedieval” guy (or told them about your paper with that framework) multiple times. But I am not a medievalist bloggers so much, nor did I say hi to you, because what would I say? Except: nice blog, nice paper, nice use of Super Mario. And surely I could find another, more public forum to do that in.

  • Jennifer

    I went to WMU for my undergrad and lived in those dorms for 3 years. Thread-count aside, the trick to sleeping in those beds is to very carefully not think about what (or who) might’ve happened to the mattress before you got it.

  • Isaac

    Thanks for the link, there, Carl. (This week’s Doodle Penance has a distinctly medieval flavor, maybe because Mike was at KZoo, too.)

    Having heard from two of the people to whom you praised the project, I’m wondering who’re the other two.

    Also wondering what made you abandon a paper halfway heard. Or was that fraction the sum of even smaller parts?

  • MedievalDamsel

    I just stumbled across your blog. Fabulous!

    You didn’t happen to be in a session at Kalamazoo with Lisa from the Medieval Institute, did you?

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