Magna Carta: The Game (Video Game Week Day 3)

Hey, kids, here’s a fun game. Try to come up with an explanation for why these four characters (click to enlarge) are the stars of an upcoming video game called Magna Carta 2:*

In other words, I’m still fiddling with my more substantive video game related medieval posts (as well as my medieval related video game posts). Substantive soon, I promise.**
If you wanted, you could watch the trailer for the video game named after England’s Great Chater here. It’s probably not going to clear anything up, though, I warn you.
*Usually, I would make the expected Breakin’ 2 reference here–indeed, it’s almost impossible for someone of my generational cohort to not follow all mentions of sequels with Breakin’ 2‘s subtitle–but I’m beginning to worry that the joke only has a few thousand more iterations until it’s no longer funny. In the interest of conservation, I think it’s best to leave it a meta-joke about the joke, until some solution is found.
**But you all know my promises are worthless, so you have only yourselves to blame for your inevitable disappointment.***
***But do keep anxiously hitting ‘refresh’ all day tomorrow. It’ll drive up my Google Ad Sense earnings.

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