One More Misericord (Mmm… Marginalia #43 or Mmm… Misericords #2)

Worry not, readers. I may have run out of time,* but not marginal images. Nevertheless, I’m really digging these misericord images I’ve been trolling out of Flickr over the last month or so. You find the most interesting things beneath the butts of medieval church-goers!

Why, look, here in Amsterdam’s Oude Kerk, I just found the solution to the current worldwide financial crisis!

Sure, you may say that it’s meant to illustrate the old medieval proverb, “It’s not like money falls out of my ass,” but I say it’s a medieval how-to. Call me an optimist!

And by the by, I understand that the attention to detail on this carving is such that with a better shot of it you can make out the individual denominations on the coins.

*I’ve run out of so much time, it’s broken the time-space continuum, allowing my second post on misericords to magically come out before my first did!

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