Dante’s Inferno: Comic-Con Update #1

2009 seems to be the year that the mainstream media types finally discovered the existence of the San Diego International Comic-Con. What’s up with that?

And in further news to ponder the upness of, more details about the upcoming Dante’s Inferno game (Dante’s Inferno, naturally) have emerged. This just in: it’s not just a video game any more! Now there’s an animated feature based on the game based on the poem!! And the cartoon version of the game version of the epic will feature things that were deemed too shocking for inclusion in the game!!! Make sure your ears are in their upright and locked position, for you are about to have your mind blown:

“In the original game script we wrote that Cerberus was going to shove Dante up his ass…it was a crazy, crazy scene. We just couldn’t do it in the game for a lot of reasons. To have that moment that was in the game script that was cut from the game to show up in the animated feature is just really cool.”

I really wish I’d been there at the staff meeting where they finally broke the news to the guy who pitched the ass. Dude, it’s really excellent what you’ve done here, and the stuff you’ve been rendering is really top notch–I mean, the lens flare effect as you come over the curve of Cerberus’s left butt cheek is amazing, and the attack pattern you gave to those lost souls that have been turned into hemmorhoids is a blast to crack, but we’re already pushing the limits of the hardware as it is,* and we’re way over budget already, not to mention the strain it’ll put on our beta testers–look, there’s no way to sugar coat this, so I’m just going to have to come out and say it: we’re going to have to lose the three-headed dog’s ass, man.

Oh, and for those wondering, the guy on the left in the picture above is dressed up like the game’s protagonist, Dante. And the guy on the right is dressed as Kratos, the guy from the game that this game is ripping off.

*If only man had not lost the ancient technique of BLAST PROCESSING.

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  • Wacky Hermit

    How come Dante's not wearing a chainmail jockstrap? You'd think that since he's left his torso entirely undefended except by a leather tube bra, he'd at least want to put a bit of a helmet on his other head. 😉

  • Jennifer Lynn Jordan

    YES! It just keeps getting better.

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