Stonhenge Hidden in Windows 7 (from Americans, anyway)

As you might have deduced from my comments in the search engine rundown, I recently installed the Windows 7 Release Candidate on my main machine. Poking around looking for new themes with which to customize my desktop tonight, I found this site, which explains how to enable the themes meant for other regions that are hidden within the Windows system files. After enabling the themes meant for people in the UK, I was pleasantly surprised when my background changed to an image of Stonehenge. So now my desktop looks like this:

It may be the first time ever that Microsoft has made me go “Hey, that’s pretty neat.” And for the record, Stonehenge is a properly medieval subject. Don’t believe the reports that it was built by neolithic cultures as a star calendar or what have you. As anyone who reads Geoffrey of Monmouth knows, Stonehenge was brought to England from Ireland in the sixth century by King Arthur’s father Uther Pendragon (with substantial assistance from Merlin) to serve as a funeral monument to the native Britons who had been slaughtered mercilessly by Saxon treachery. Uther and his brother Ambrosius Aurelianus were later buried there as well (but not in that order).

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  • ncm

    I thought I'd mention here that Atari has just released the source code for Joust. In case anybody actually wants to assemble it and run it, you know, in their 7800 game station emulator.

    Download it here:

    Atari itself might be medieval, in a way, if IBM 360 can be Classical and Macintosh, Renaissance.

  • Eva Crane World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting

    Stonehenge was a default screensaver on my laptop – not hidden atall.

  • Bill DeVoe

    I've been reading your blog backwards (which may make more sense than I expect) and stumbled upon this gem. Being a medievalist "wannabe" (I was in grad school and want to go back – just can't make it work yet), I've loved reading your blog, but having actually BEEN within the stone circle at Stonehenge (at the butt-crack of dawn), I have to say that this little gem is AWESOME! I now need to set up my laptop with this image! And amazingly, it didn't look too much different when I was there what with the hoarfrost on the ground and all (it was January).
    Thanks for the tip!

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