I’m not one to toot my own horn. I tend to leave that to the monkeys. But nonetheless, while I’ve been busy moving, Got Medieval passed two minor milestones. There are now consistently over 1000 people* subscribed to this blog via some sort of RSS reader, and there are over 150 people following the blog through Google.

In terms of the wider intertubes, these numbers are pretty paltry. But for a medieval specialist blog, they’re through the roof, and I thank all my loyal readers. In honor of your support, I promise to 1) actually finish video game week and 2) actually review King Arthur before August is out.

Even if every one of the 150 followers is also a RSS subscriber, that means I still consistently teach about a thousand people each week a little something (some weeks a very little something) about the Middle Ages. To reach that many sets of eyes in my Real Job, I’d need to teach a 4/4 teaching load of packed classes (with no recidivists) for a little over four years.

*The numbers tend to fluctuate a bit every Sunday when it’s reindexed, but it the number hasn’t dipped back into triple digits for several weeks now.

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  • Suphus

    I really like your Blog, I'm happy more do so you have the incentive to keep it up

  • Matthew Gabriele

    Congrats, Carl! Sure it has nothing to do with monkeys or their butt-trumpets…

  • ncm

    Yes, teach me! Teach me, Seymour!

  • Anonymous Soprano

    This isn't precisely medieval, but I thought you might get a kick out of it anyway:


    There is, apparently, a whole room dedicated to monkeys at the chateau Chantilly. Who knew?

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