Historical Sackboys Incoming

I don’t have a PS3, so I don’t have any clue how Little Big Planet actually works, but apparently you can purchase little outfits for your adorable hero to wear while doing… whatever it is he does. Coming soon, a pack of outfits featuring everyone’s favorite medieval sacker of cities, Chengis Genghis Khan, as well as three other historical personages:

Their inscrutable hypercuteness and overall knittedness remind me of the medieval amigurumi and how nobody ever made me one, even though I dropped 10-Ton Hints. Oh, the sadness.

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  • Ann

    Oh medieval inspired knitting gets better:

    I want to make this so badly, even though I would never have the guts to wear it.

  • Got Medieval

    If you make that, Ann, I'll totally wear it. Problem is, I'm in Georgia now, and we have very little reason to wear more than a light jacket come winter.

  • JustKristin

    Sir, as a long-time lurking fan, if you get a PS3, I'll send you LBP. It alone makes the platform worth it.

    a grateful wanna-be, late-blooming medievalist who funds her night classes and book store sprees by working in the tech world.

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