Let’s Not Sit and Argue about Who Consumed and Excreted Whom

Everyone calm down.

The reports of my death were greatly exaggerated–by me, naturally, whilst pretending to be a naughty 13th-century fox.

If you were fooled by my little post, here’s a helpful hint for the future. The person writing the post bragging about having killed and eaten me could not possibly have been the real Reynard, because the real Reynard would have 1) worked in a bit about how he’d just finished banging my wife; 2) relieved himself on my children–or possibly my wife–not on his garden; and 3) not given a damn about his own children being strong or healthy. It’s the little details that always reveal a medieval forgery is what I’m saying.

However, if I do ever end the blog, it’ll be just like that. The blog will die as it lived: a post that reasonable people will assume is a joke, then nothing.

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  • Fencing Bear

    I still wouldn't put it past you to confuse us in the end. If there is an end….

  • Harry Campbell

    Just to say I hope it will be a long time till you give up the blog. This must be one of the most unusual, entertaining and fascinating on the web. And with glorious pictures. Thanks for both the fun and the erudition.

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