Penny Arcade on Greed (Sunday Funny)

A quick bit of funny for you to enjoy on Sunday:

This week, Penny Arcade suggests that, logically, the next six phases of Electronic Arts’ Sin to Win contest will feature the six deadly sins that aren’t lust, one by one; and, further, that greed is the sin that covers re-enacting urban legends about ice baths and kidneys. I’m not so sure about that last suggestion, though.

Click through to the original comic if the text is too hard on the eyes here (and it should be, as I fear their copyright ninjas descending on my poor blog).

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  • alert74

    Copyright ninjas? Pfeh. Four legs good, two legs insufficient!

    Their droit à la fantaisie is enforced by the basilisk, the monoceros and the dread catoblepas. They are acquainted with the Bestiare of Guillaume le Clerc, the Bern Physiologus and the Liber de Natura Rerum. When the manticore rears his hateful stinger, the government calls them to suck out the poison from the body politic.

    It is good that you do not trifle with them, but generally they're cool as long as you don't talk smack about polyhedral dice or Toru Iwatani.

    (Word verification: mulari – a parasitic disease similar to malaria, but exactly 27.4% worse.)

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