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Chuck Grassley’s Debt and Deficit Dragon
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As those of you who watched last night’s Daily Show–and those of you who clicked play on the embed above–know, John Stewart recently horned in on my shtick by pointing out that Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley‘s recent medieval free association ramblings about the “Debt & Deficit Dragon” and “Sur Taxalot” were, to use the technical term, “kind of dumb”.

All I can add is that “fire-breathing deficit dragon” has been kicking around as a dumb metaphor for a long time now, at least since the Reagan administration. Sur Taxalot and the Golden Goose, that’s all Grassley, though.

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  • ncm

    I think the original deficit was characterized as "staggering". I can imagine Grahame's Reluctant Dragon later years, deep in his cups, but it doesn't seem like the image they're after.

  • ncm

    "Dragon's", that is.

  • Lucy

    The clarification of Sir Lancelot's archetypal function as distinct from St. George's is comforting.

    …but seriously, Sur Taxalot?

  • ncm
  • salman
  • Harry Campbell

    Is that two dots over the N in the word señor? Some kind of arcane abbreviation for "senator", or has John Stewart invented the n-diaeresis?

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