How to Impress (or, possibly, frighten) Your Co-Workers

Here’s a little something awesome a reader sent me this weekend:

Just to be clear, she sent me the picture, not the cake. Said cake was made for her birthday, which happens to coincide with the Feast of St. Denis, he of headache-curing and preaching-whilst-decapitated fame. She learned of this august coincidence here, of all places. A little knowledge really is a dangerous thing.

Cake-wreckers beware. This was an intentional design choice, so I’d best not see it next time I’m wasting time over there.

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  • deromanticize

    I must admit that even though this cake is an awesome concept, I did think of sending it to Cake Wrecks 😡

  • Anne Gilbert

    St. Denis or hot, I have a feeling this would be more appropriate for Halloween. . . BTW, I had no idea St. Denis was a headache curing saint, let alone that he preached while decapitated. But then, I'm not up on my saints. OTOH, his name suggests a faint connection with Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and feasting and such, so maybe the cake is apprpriate in its way.

  • Karl Steel

    Just be happy her birthday didn't coincide with St. Bartholomew's Day…

    his name suggests a faint connection with Dionysus
    A common medieval mistake, but think angels instead of booze and decapitated kings.

  • Anne Gilbert


    Oh, I know it was kind of "common medieval mistake", since he was a saint, and all. But still. . . . (and notice I said "faint").

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