More Edible Saints

While working on this month’s saints calendar, I stumbled across this:

It’s a cake celebrating the encounter between the Loch Ness Monster and St Columba, the sixth-century Irish saint who converted the Picts. (More on him in the December calendar.)

The baker responsible for this sugar-crafted cuteness, Lucy Shaw, made the cake for her son Columba’s christening party. And while edible hagiography isn’t the only thing she does, she does do it awesomely. Here’s her Joan of Arc, for instance:

And here’s her St. Francis of Assisi:

Anyone have a kid named Bartholomew who needs christening? I’d love to see a cute little marzipan saint carrying his own flayed (marzipan) skin in his arms.

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  • Judy

    Yummy! How about St. Catherine of Siena? I get to eat her head but you can have her body.

  • Sheryl

    Ha ha! Those are disturbingly cute… adorable cakes with not-so-adorable themes.

  • Mimi

    My son's Patron is Bartholomew, but he's been Baptized for 13 years now.

    Those are awesome!

  • matushkadonna

    I want one with the red hot griddle for my husband's patron, St. Lawrence!

  • Lucy

    I love these!!! Being a Lucy, I could have a resigned-looking maiden with her eyes on a plate… but I really love the St. Francis cake (even though sans the Wolf of Gubbio, my personal favorite among the saint's animal companions.) A pity it's 11 months till his feast day.

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