Penny Arcade on Dante’s Inferno: The Game: The Book

Saith Tycho:

Maybe it isn’t entirely forthright, putting a crusader badass the cover of your medieval allegory – but I don’t care. In fact, I support this kind of thing wholeheartedly: fact is, sometimes you got to lie to a motherfucker. If showing a dude holding a giant spine with an aftermarket scythe affixed is what it takes to get young men to read a single page of the classics, than so be it. I hope these shenanigans work like gangbusters. We’ve got your backs on this thing.

They also did a comic about it, natch.

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  • Sheryl

    Ha, nice! Interesting idea. In a related concept, a publisher is using Twilight's popularity to try to sell Jane Austen books by using Twilight-like descriptions.

    Whatever tricks people into trying the classics.

  • Judy

    Umm, there actually are published (sort of) books in which Bingley and Darcy turn out to be vampires or werewolves. So in a sense the vampire books are trying to sell themselves as Jane Austen novels.

    As for Dante, there are always Gustave Dore's illustrations. I brought them up in class about 35 years ago with a prof then in his 70s, and he cried, "Oh, why did you have to remind me! I'd managed to forget those illustrations!" But I got turned on to Dante by the Inferno illustrations, in a copy a friend found hidden in her father's closet away from childish eyes.

  • xgametop

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