An Exciting Business Opportunity!

I get a lot of spam through the old “Contact” tab at the top of the page, mostly from people who don’t seem to understand that it’s just a form for sending me email and not some magical portal to my credit card numbers.*  Occasionally, though, I get EXCITING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES!!!!!  Why, just today, someone working for an outfit called contacted me offering to write blog posts for Got Medieval free of charge!  Exciting, original daily content–and all I have to do is join some affiliate program and provide reciprocal links, or so they say, links to places like, an exciting web retailer that they tell me occupies the same “niche” as my humble blog.

I’ve always been curious as to what niche other people think my little collection of vaguely medieval snarkiness and crankery belongs in, so I followed their link to a page advertising, among other things, the following:

So, to be clear, they’ve decided to go with a picture of a man who’s manifestly not wearing a vest to advertise “Men’s Renaissance Vests,” a guy wearing a kilt for “Men’s Renaissance Pants,” and a guy wearing Roman centurion style armor for “Medieval Accessories.”  Obviously, these guys are some sort of Dadaist marketing geniuses who operate on a level I can scarcely comprehend.  I sure hope that’s my niche.  I’ve always wanted to operate on a Dadaist level I can scarcely comprehend.****

*If you’ve recently** sent me an email through said contact form and I’ve not replied, it’s probably because of my imperfect system for dealing with the spam.***
**Recent = in the last six months 
***That system? Funneling everything to a folder in my gmail account that I can never remember to read.
****Or, to be properly Dadaist about it, I’ve always wanted that eggroll spleen #2341 post Wesley grom grom grom grin gran grom and don’t you foghat it!!!!shift-1!!

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  • Doc

    I recently got the exact same email from these yo-yos. My first reaction was "Have they even bothered to look at my site? The majority of my pages are interpretations of medieval recipes, and I somehow doubt any of their 'staff' would have much of a clue."

    Then I realized that the "seo" part of "Seoboutiques" means "search engine optimization", and of course the answer to my question is "No, of course they didn't look at my website."

    Spammers are somewhere between pond scum and head lice on the evolutionary scale.

  • Jenn

    Oh Lordy, I laughed aloud at this post this morning…as a former Renfaire stunt fighter, I am always amazed at the Postmodern interpretations of Renaissance fashion: anywhere from unrealistic, Arthurian medieval to Roman centurion to generic gypsy to Klingon (!).

  • befrazzled

    Maybe they should have said "Ceci n'est-pas un vest"?

  • tenthmedieval

    They came by my place too. I wonder whose blogroll they were using?

  • FS

    I just sent a real non-spam email, do you think you could read it?i

  • Linda McCabe

    I'm far behind on my blog reading, but wanted to chime in that I received a similar plea. I guess the best thing I can say about them is that the email was somewhat individualized as opposed to having dozens of email addresses in the address line.

    And oooh, their big selling point is rather than paying someone $10-30 for blog posts that I can have someone do that for me for freeee. Naaaah, my blog is mine. My thoughts. My rants, my whatevah.

    Even if I have fallen behind keeping it updated. It's still mine.

    I figure they sought out medievalist blogs and were just surfing as many links as they could find in the hopes of finding someone who would add links to their online quasi-medieval schwag site.

    Good job in skewering them.

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