And the Winner Is…

Well, the poll’s been up for about a week now, so I figure everybody who’s going to vote on this site’s new mascot has already voted. Time to make this sucker official. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Got Medieval‘s new official mascot, Egg-Laying Dude, The Dude Who Lays Eggs (…for some reason):

Frankly, I’m pretty surprised by the result. The winner garnered 38% of the vote, outpacing odds-on favorite Jaunty by 13%, and leaving the old reliable place-holder monkey in the dust.

I’ve written about E.L.D.T.D.W.L.E(…f.s.r) here on the blog once before. This image of him is found in the very first manuscript with gothic marginalia I ever worked on, Yale MS 229, a gigantic book that was once the third member of an even-more-gigantic three-volume medieval compilation of the Old French Vulgate Cycle of Arthurian romances.  That kind of makes him the inspiration behind this whole recurring feature, so in that way, I suppose he really is the best choice for blog mascot.

Thanks, all who voted.  Now, I just need to get a better scan of him.  Unless anyone out there is particularly good at drawing egg-laying dudes and wants to help with a certain blog’s new banner…

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