Dante’s New Threads

So, yeah, still working on the rest of the Dante’s Inferno review. In fact, I’ve got about a week’s worth of Dante-related stuff in the pipe.* But until then, enjoy this screenshot of Dante’s new outfit added in the Dark Forest DLC** this week:

Burn, Dante, burn. Disco Inferno!

*Let’s hope this goes better than the last time I said I had a week’s worth of something coming.
**DownLoadable Content Pack.

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  • Sheryl

    Wow. Just in case the game was not weird enough.

  • James

    Is that Beatrice in some sort of space-age cat-suit?

  • Got Medieval

    That's a better explanation, but no, apparently in the Dantesinfernaverse when you die your soul is naked, misty, and riddled with black veins.

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