Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad (Mmm… Marginalia #68)

In the comments thread on the poll I put up to help select my new mascot, some wag suggested I just find an image of “an egg-laying monkey with a vagina” and let that be the mascot, combining the Egg-Laying Dude, Jaunty, and the Cannon Monkey into one glorious gestalt. This week’s image, which comes from perennial blog favorite Bodleian MS Douce 6 (AKA “The Bumper Book of Medieval Monkeys”), is as close as I could get:

It’s 2/3 of the way there, at least!  As you can see, here we have E.L.D.T.D.W.L.E.(…f.s.r.), laying his eggs for a pair of monkeys. Why does one monkey wear a robe while the other goes naked?  Does the Egg-Laying Dude realize that there’s another monkey behind him stealing his eggs while he’s busy talking to the robe-wearer?  And just where are the Egg-Laying Dude’s legs?  The world may never know.

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  • Isaac

    I think the egg-laying dude is squatting. We can see his knees and his lap, just barely, over the tops of his eggs and under the sleeves of his robe.

    I think these guys would make a fine "group mascot," especially if the robe-wearing monkey is in drag. Can we say he's in drag?

  • Tristan Alexander

    I think the monkey in the robe is female and a slam to the virgin Mary. It reminds me of the old insult "Your mother sucks eggs" cause it looks like that is what the Mary like monkey is doing! And you know how them priests/monks/illuminators where with the rude marginalia!

  • woolymonkey

    I knew it was out there somewhere! Thank you for finding it.

    Would it be hopelessly implausible to claim that the basket is vaginally suggestive?

    Or hopelessly pedantic to fret that the dude may be merely incubating the eggs rather than actually laying them?

  • ncm

    If the one wearing the robe is female, you're three for three.

  • Ceirseach

    Not only is this three out of three, but it also serves as an easter post. ELDTDWLE(fsr) is clearly the precursor of the easter bunny, and the monkeys are his little minions that take the eggs to good Christian children. Obviously at some point the legend blurred and the monkeys became bunnies and the source of the eggs was forgotten, leading to the eggs being attributed directly to their deliverers.

    You can see these monkeys have already lost their tails, so they're clearly beginning the transformation. And is it just me or does the one on the left look like his ears are getting longer?

  • anyaxstrindberg

    Is it fruitless to ask if there is a reason behind egg laying dudes? It is a very strange thing to draw…and to find it more than once?

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