Ye Olde Internete vs. Ye Olde Researche Paepers

I think with my recent Mmm… Marginalia I’ve at long last located the medieval equivalent of the old “Honestly, Who Could Be Expected to Make the Right Decision?” (AKA The Internet vs Research Paper) cartoon that would probably be posted on every professor’s office door if professors who tend to post things on their office doors updated said doors more than once every six years.*  Behold!

If I were better at Photoshop, I’d make the sign on the left read “The Margin” and on the right “Historiated Initials”.**  But then nobody’d link this because only I’d care. So my poor Photoshop skills are for the best.

*Or hadn’t moved on to blogging.
**Or, maybe, “Minstrelry” on the left and “Liturgy” on the right.

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  • St. Blogwen

    I'm sure there are portions of the Bayeux Tapestry that would illustrate this principle to perfection.

    *blushes modestly*

  • Funder

    I love this blog so much. (Yep, I'm a nerd.)

  • Orly

    Hear Hear!! Although I'm SUCH a nerd that "research paper" now signifies a much bigger party than "Internet" (at least in my poor, deluded, brain) – perhaps because after 10 years of just internet, I now get to write a research paper! In fact, the research paper, at least to me, resembles the scene in Pelles' castle, where the knights have "all they lyke to ete" due to the holy grail passing through…

  • Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Carl .. great split .. it is interesting where we will go for research and will it be right – or will we just take what we can get on the net ..

    I love your descriptions though ..

    Great medieval blogspot read!
    Enjoy the week – Hilary

  • Sara Gothard

    I would argue for historiated initials belonging on the left and exegetical scholia on the right.

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