Funny, Dante Never Mentioned the Wheelbarrows (Mmm… Marginalia #80)

As we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And as you all know, it’s been my intention to offer my readers a diverting image from the margins of a medieval manuscript at regular one-week intervals–but hell if I can’t actually seem to stick to that schedule.  I promise I’ll be a good boy from here on out, really I will, just please don’t let me end up like these poor souls from the margins of The Taymouth Hours (a fourteenth-century English book of hours currently held at the British Library):

Actually, come to think of it the flaming-wheelbarrow-borne have a pretty sweet deal compared to the other damned souls in the margins in Taymouth.  These guys on the left below have to make do with much more cramped quarters:

Then again, a piggyback ride in a demon’s basket is high cotton compared to these fellows, who don’t even get the dignity of baskets:

Then again again, I suppose it doesn’t matter whether you get folded up into little ball and carried over a demon’s shoulders or if you get a pimped out flaming wheelbarrow.  In the end, it’s straight into the hellmouth for everybody:

Though one wonders where the demon in the far right margin thinks he’s going with that one sinner, exactly.  Apparently, even Satan has a problem with employees helping themselves to the inventory.  In his defense, I suppose the demon could always say, “Hellloooo, demon here, remember? Personification of all sin and vice?  That ring a bell?”

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  • Sheryl

    Though one wonders where the demon in the far right margin thinks he's going with that one sinner, exactly.
    Or maybe he's thinking, "Damn it all, I got lost again! When is humanity going to invent the GPS?"

  • lilburne

    Hey they had vuvuzelas back then too.

  • irenedelse

    Vuvuzelas? Yikes. But of course, it _is_ hell…

    (BTW, the damned souls in the wheelbarrow are also privileged in their demon company: not everybody can boast they rate a four-faced demon !)

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