It is with some chagrin that I make this announcement, but here goes: Got Medieval’s on Twitter, too, dammit. And I was so enjoying being oh-so-above-it. But the Twitter, she’s been good to me of late, so I really can’t pretend it makes sense to continue holding out on her.

I imagine that when medievalists decide to make the Twitter plunge they often quote a few lines from The Parliament of Fowls, you know, all blossomy bows and birds singing in angel-voiced harmony and so on, but I feel rather a bit like Chaucer in The House of Fame when the eagle swoops down:

And with hys grymme pawes stronge,
Withyn hys sharpe nayles longe,
Me, fleynge, in a swap he hente,
And with hys sours ayen up wente,
Me caryinge in his clawes starke
As lyghtly as I were a larke.

I’m not sure where this bird’s taking me, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to start making disparaging comments about my weight any minute now.  Still, if you’re interested, you can now follow the blog at Twitter, too.  Have at it, hyper-connected folk:

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  • Wacky Hermit

    You're going to like Twitter. I was skeptical too, but after organizing a grassroots political movement on it, and seeing what it does for my business, I was sold on it.

    Think of it like a big party with everyone talking at once. Every hashtag is a corner of the room. Some people are talking about politics or philosophy or sports, some are swapping info about where to find the best coupons, some are making jokes or talking about banal things. You can talk in more than one corner at once, if you have something to say that's relevant to both discussions.

    Anyway, I just followed you; I'm @curiouswork.

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