Your 2010 Office Door Beckons

Via Comics Alliance:

A poster for your wall, which according to the website’s ad copy, will ensure that:

Students can’t wait to get to your class with this colorful poster decorating your classroom wall. Designed to imitate the style of classic comic book cover designs from the 1960s, it is sure to get your students looking forward to your King Arthur lesson. 

Sadly, since most profs don’t get the luxury of their own classroom, this baby’ll have to go on the office door next to that Wizard of Id cartoon from 1998 in which Sir Rodney expresses some discomfort with a superfluous apostrophe on a nearby merchant’s sign moments before succumbing to the plague.

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  • Jennifer Lynn Jordan

    That is the best poster I have ever seen. I am so deliriously happy that I will have an office for the first time this year (albeit shared).

  • tenthmedieval

    I realise that I may be preaching from an ivory-towered élite position here, but, King Arthur lesson? No King Arthur lesson I give is ever going to match that poster. I mean, I'd have to argue with the armour, the castle, the horseman's riding position (why is he riding Muslim-style?), and the words `Arthur', `boy', `became' and `king'. Which leaves only the background colours, which I'm guessing were not done with cochineal, oak-apple or whatever medieval painters used for yellow that I can't immediately be bothered to look up. Oh, and the word `who'. I'm OK with that.

  • Will

    Yeah. A big part of me wants to say that if you're going to go for the Comic Based T. H. White Based Matter of Britain you might as well go full on Camelot 3000.

    In fact I'm going to go get the cover to Camelot 3000 #1 blown up and put on a door.

  • nakedphilologist

    … That cartoon is terrifying. Also not very appealing. Wouldn't you do better with posters of the 2004 King Arthur? Featuring either Ioan Gruffydd or Keira Knightly, or both if you're feeling generous. Not much more accurate, but far more attractive!

    My supervisor has a Wizard of ID strip outside her office in which a knight is preparing for a tourney and someone (presumably a woman? I can't remember) says to him "How about about a kiss for luck?" and said knight accordingly snogs his horse.

  • Got Medieval

    I suppose it depends on how you feel about Jack "King" Kirby in general.

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